About Us

Geometrical Perception and Learning Co., Ltd. is a vertically integrated technology company that provides development, manufacturing and servicing of hardware and software products for SD solutions. G-PAL is headquartered in Shanghai with R&D strength overseas.

G-PAL offers machine
perception and learning based total solution and integrated HW/SW system for Self Driving at various stages. With a world-class technical team, G-PAL is uniquely capable of developing and manufacturing both hardware and software in house, and taking the lead to facilitate an ecosystem for Self Driving.

G-PAL’s technology roadmap is highly regarded by many automakers. We are now one of the five SD strategic partners with SAIC. The integrated HW/SW system is low cost, highly reliable, automotive grade and ready for mass production. It has been tested on SAIC's passenger and commercial vehicles and production will start in 2020. 

Company Mission
- To be a leading Tier 1 for FSD and connected vehicles.
- To provide integrated HW/SW systems based on machine perception and learning for L2-L4.
- To provide a safe and effective approach to Scale Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles.

Competitive Strengths:
- Leading expert team in auto sensors, AI and FSD.
- Collaborate with premier research universities domestic and overseas to establish “Shanghai

   Municipal Engineering Center for Perception Fusion and Intelligent Decision for FSD”, in an

   effort to qualify for state level technology innovation and engineering center.
- Joint development of high performance FSD computing platform with ARM.
- Build a local eco system inclusive of FSD-related chips, software, system, testing and application

  innovations in conjunction with the piloting of State’s Next Generation AI Innovation Zone in Shanghai.